A selection of the most frequently asked questions about our service.

Do you charge for designing my kitchen?

We don’t charge for putting an initial design together for you (so long as you live within our design catchment area, otherwise we charge a fee of £99). We will provide you with a detailed quotation and a visual of your new kitchen. It is company policy not to hand out plans.

If you decide to move forward with us, then the above fee is fully redeemable against the cost of your new kitchen.

How do I know that your prices are genuine?

We aim to meet most budgets and do not over-inflate our prices and then give massive discounts ‘if you sign on the day’. From time to time we may have a promotional offer from our supplier Mobalpa which we will pass on to you. So keep a look out for them!

Can I keep the floor plans?

Once your deposit is paid, you will be given a full set of detailed floor plans and elevations.

Do we pay in full at the start of the installation?

No! When you decide to move forward with us you sign an agreement of which there are three stage payments – 1st stage payment is the deposit of 25%, 2nd stage payment will be 70% cleared funds before your installation is due to commence and the final payment of 5% will be settled once all the work and snagging has been completed and you are happy to ‘sign off’ your kitchen project.

Can I make payments by credit card?

We accept Visa and MasterCard card for the deposit. However, for subsequent stage payments there is a nominal charge of 1.5% to cover the cost. Of course, we are able to accept debit cards or direct payments for no additional charge.

Paying the deposit by credit card gives you complete peace of mind in the unlikely event that anything should happen to us as a company.

How long is the fitting process?

Our aim is to achieve practical completion in 3-6 weeks from starting your kitchen (depending on the complexity of the project) with final handover within 8 weeks from that point.

Practical Completion is the point at which your kitchen is up and running with worktops fitted, sink connected and appliances running, but excludes any snagging or remedial work. At the point of practical completion we will discuss and agree any works that may need to be completed and a proposed time frame. For example, a door may be damaged which could take 4-8 weeks for us to have manufactured and delivered to us. We would ask for a sign off at that time for any snagging and remedial works required.

Final handover is the point at which your kitchen is totally completed but bear in mind that your kitchen is essentially finished at practical completion. It is only at final handover that we ask for the final payment.

We don’t have planning permission yet, would you still provide a design for me?

Sometimes, the process of receiving final planning permission for a new home or extension can take more than a year.

So we would ask that you wait until you have received final planning permission before requesting a full design and quotation. If you would still like an outline design, we would charge a £99 fee. If subsequently, your planning permission is accepted and you decide to move forward with us, then the fee will be deducted from your quote.

How long have you been in business?

We have over 25 years of experience in the business which means we’re expertly placed to help you.

Please take a look at some of our testimonials online or visit our showroom.

Can you supply electrical elevations should our builders/electricians need them?

Should your project involve builders, plumbers or electricians, then we can supply you with more detailed plans showing electrical and plumbing requirements for 1st fixing. If needed, we can be on site with you and your contractor to discuss these requirements to short circuit any communication.

Once I have paid the deposit, what’s the next step?

Once your deposit is paid, this will secure manufacturing space and we will then arrange a technical survey visit to check measurements and to reconfirm the decisions made. At that stage, we will check the state of the electrical system and address any other questions that you may have regarding the new installation. Any potential variations to the agreement will be discussed at that time.

Will we have a Project Manager assigned to us?

We co-ordinate our projects from our showroom in Westerham, and have an Installations Manager (who is very much hands on) who runs regular planning meetings to keep us up to date with progress. Your primary contact will be your Designer or Showroom Manager.

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