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How Much to Spend on Your Kitchen

July 22, 2019

How Much to Spend on Your Kitchen

The kitchen matters. It’s the place we cook, it’s the place we socialise, it’s the place where families gather together. It is the heart of the home.

The Most Valuable Room in the House

But did you also know that it’s also the most valuable room you own? A new kitchen can add between 5 and 15 per cent to the value of a property. How much, will depend on the quality of the kitchen and how new it is.

According to the National Association of Estate Agents, if your budget only allows you the chance to renovate one room, that room should be the kitchen!

Investing in your Kitchen

Be careful though. Make sure the amount you spend matches the value of your home. There’s no point spending £30,000 if your property is worth £200,000, as you won’t get your money back. Equally, if your home is worth £800,000, a budget kitchen might actually drag the value of your property down!

A Dream Kitchen for You

Of course, if you have no intention of moving then what matters most is making a space that works for you and one that has all the features that you need from a kitchen. Any new kitchen represents a significant investment, so it’s important that you get it right.

Research, Research, Research!

When it comes to refitting a kitchen, research is essential. If you do your homework then you can keep a limit on how much you end up spending. In general, the more straight-forward a product is, the cheaper it will be. A standard wall unit for example, won’t be as pricey as a fancy one and something like a laminate worktop won’t cost you as much as one made of granite, marble or solid wood.

Kitchen DIY

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty then a bit of DIY can save a bit of cash too. And this needn’t mean doing everything yourself. Clearing out the old kitchen or putting together new units can be good ways to keep costs down. And you can even make a few quid by selling old cabinets too!

Simple Kitchen Changes

And a revitalised kitchen needn’t mean changing everything. Adding solid-wood worktops to your kitchen, for example, is a simple change to make, yet it can make the room look completely different. Replacing the cabinet doors is not that hard or costly either and yet can have a transformative effect. And even a lick of paint, whether that be to the cabinet doors or the walls, can breathe new life into the most tired of kitchen spaces.

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