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Adding an affordable touch of luxury

September 6, 2018

When it comes to kitchens, the word ‘luxury’ conjures up images of gleaming glass, polished metal and a vast expanse of clear space. Whilst it’s hard to define the exact characteristics of a luxurious kitchen, the implication is clear – it’s expensive.

However, the great news is that adding that all-important touch of opulence doesn’t need to be as costly as you might think. Kitchen designs and materials have come on a long way over the last few years, which means beautiful cabinets, colours and finishes are available at a fraction of the price they used to be.

The words ‘surprisingly affordable’ in our motto define our customers’ reactions when they first receive their quote from us. Our designer kitchens aim to meet our clients’ aspirations without the designer price tag attached. We achieve this by working with award-winning manufacturers who offer bespoke, handmade ranges to suit all budgets.

The other key aspect is our design-led approach. Our team of qualified interior designers know exactly how to achieve a high-end finish that exudes style. By utilising the room dimensions, we’ll find the best possible configuration to create a greater sense of space even when it’s limited.

Whether you’re considering a new kitchen design or simply looking for a cost-effective way to spruce up your space with some affordable additions, here are a few of the style tips we draw on to add that touch of luxury:

Let it shine

Lighting is one of the central features we incorporate into any new kitchen plan to deliver the designer look. Far from being an afterthought, lighting is an essential way to pull a style together and illuminate different zones within the room. Turn dark corners into ambient lighting with energy-efficient down lighters, or simply change lighting pendants to create a focal point for entertaining. Use metallic lighting accessories such as switches for that essential gleam.

Mix to match

Nothing suggests ‘designer space’ more than mixing materials and contrasting finishes, from matt and gloss, to smooth and textured. This creates interest and depth, and can work well if you’re looking to break up a wall of cabinets by using different surfaces. Elegant combinations include wood with metal, or high-gloss lacquered doors with composite countertops.

Try to avoid the temptation to match every element and colour in your kitchen, as this can result in a bland appearance. Mixing two different metallic finishes also works well, such as a stainless steel sink combined with brass lights and accessories.

The finishing touches

Updating and refreshing less expensive objects such as island bar stools and kitchen handles can have a huge impact if you’re on a tight budget. The little finishing touches can refine your style and add focal features. For example, if your sink is looking a little dated, install the latest touchless faucet for a sanitary and stylish addition. Consider coloured glass or stainless steel splashbacks behind your hobs to reflect more light and add interest.

Above all, keep the work surfaces clear by organising cupboards, as a cluttered kitchen is this style’s big no-no.

Dreaming of elevating your kitchen to greater heights? Contact us today to arrange a free design visit and we’ll come up with some ideas that will take your breath away.

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