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What does your kitchen say about you

April 26, 2018


Rather than being a room that hides at the back of the house, the kitchen is now the central hub of modern family life and the average kitchen size reflects this growing status. Kitchens are getting bigger! We’re knocking down walls and extending our homes to increase our kitchen space.

As this room takes centre stage in our homes and lives, our kitchen ‘style’ reveals a lot about us. And with more design options available than ever before, we’re now more likely to customise our kitchens to reflect our personalities.

So, what does your kitchen say about you? We take a light-hearted look at the different styles we’ve come across in our job, to celebrate our favourite room in the house:

The Foodie – a haven for the food lover and sanctuary from the stresses of modern life. This kitchen style consists of an abundance of cooking paraphernalia – proudly displaying items such as juicers and cookery book stands. Everything is focused on the pursuit of culinary excellence and experimentation! If this kitchen gets a little messy, no-one will mind.

The Entertainer – a contemporary, sleek, uncluttered look distinguishes this kitchen type. Created mainly with guests in mind, this kitchen is certain to deliver the ‘wow’ factor and will contain clever gadgets that make entertaining easier such as integrated wine coolers and Quooker boiling water taps. The lighting will also be an important feature, to create the right ambience when friends are over, such as pendants over a breakfast bar or island.

The Traditionalist – a homage to timeless, classic style. This heritage kitchen pays attention to the finer details and clever craftsmanship using traditional materials such as wood, in the iconic Shaker or country-cottage design. Well ordered is the name of the game here, with hidden pantries and organisers so that everything has a place.

The Fashionista – utilising the latest colours, materials and textures, this is the kitchen style most likely to change and evolve. Owners of this kitchen type aren’t afraid to experiment and embrace the bolder fashions, from print clashes to vibrant colours. This kitchen design will get the neighbours talking!

The Futuristic – this style is defined by a love of technology and features the latest kitchen gadgets. From smart home apps that control appliances to intelligent ovens that work out the cooking time and temperature for you – this kitchen offers a glimpse into the future.

The Outside-In – this kitchen vibe embraces all things green and growing! Style traits include fresh herb pots, plants and flowers, reflecting a love of wholesome, freshly prepared, organic food. Outside-In kitchen owners consider the environment by installing features such as built-in recycling bins and energy efficient appliances. Structural renovations of the kitchen can be made by incorporating bi-fold doors into the room, to make the flow between inside and outside space seamless.

If your kitchen style needs a rethink or you’re looking for ways to inject your personality into your space, our expert design team are on hand to offer advice via a free design visit. Call us on 01959 457008 to arrange a convenient time.

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