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Kitchen Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

March 3, 2020

Kitchen Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

There are many kitchen design ideas that have come and gone over the years – carpeted floors and fake beams, anyone – and there are those that have truly stood the test of time. What are the key features that constitute a timeless kitchen?


The colours in your kitchen play a vital role, whether on the walls or cupboards. It’s easy to change the colour of walls – slightly trickier with tiles – but cabinetry makes up a large portion of any spend on a new kitchen, so it needs to be right.

  • Blue: the colour that is generally regarded as cool and calming. Dark blue cabinetry has been a feature of kitchens for some years now with no signs of abating. Dark navy and blue-black shades make for stylish, classic kitchens and work well paired with metallic accents.
  • White: clean-looking, contemporary and classic. White can be paired with anything, which has enabled it to stay a firm kitchen favourite.
  • Grey: a very popular colour for all rooms, including the kitchen. It has a similar classic feel to a navy blue kitchen and some striking contrasts can be made with other colours and textures. As kitchens become more and more integrated into living spaces, grey remains a natural choice.


There are many work surfaces to choose from to suit all budgets. But the toughest and longest lasting is quartz. It’s scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, burn-resistant and easy to maintain. No wonder it has been the go-to choice of kitchen designers for years.


These have been featured in kitchens in various guises for hundreds of years and started to become a staple of kitchen design from the 1980s onwards – coinciding with the rise of open-plan living. Their multiple uses make them an essential feature in any kitchen large enough to accommodate one.

Deep drawers

The newer kid on the kitchen block but a very popular one. Deep drawers are a great storage feature and make it easy to find things rather than hunting around in the back of cupboards.

Cabinet style

There’s one style of cabinetry that has never gone out of fashion and that’s Shaker. The flat paneling on the doors looks very traditional but still manages to fit with all styles of kitchen. It works well with modern appliances and a variety of work surfaces. Shaker-style doors can even be repainted for a new look. There’s a reason Shaker-style cabinetry can be found in all price ranges!


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