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Quooker – A Revolutionary Idea

October 17, 2019

Quooker – A Revolutionary Idea

Ever fancy a cup of tea but don’t want to wait for the kettle to boil? Ever found yourself with a stubborn pan that needs cleaning and only boiling water will do? Ever made up formula milk for your baby and needed that boiling kettle in a hurry? 

If the answer to the any of the above is ‘yes’, then Quooker might be the innovation for you.

How Quooker Started

It all began with instant soup. Rotterdam-born Henri Peteri was working for Unilever back in the early 1970s. During a presentation about the time saving benefits of packet soup, it struck him that still having to wait five minutes for the kettle to boil was ‘stupid’. And so, he went home and set about building the prototype of the first boiling-water tap in the world.  Once people had used what would become Quooker, they couldn’t live without it.

Quooker Boom

Today Quooker produces 110,000 Quookers a year. There are over 2000 dealers and factories across the world, in places like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway and here in the United Kingdom.

Quooker Today 

Since that first prototype, Quooker has come a long way. Not only can you now install a tap system that provides instant boiling water, but through the addition of its revolutionary CUBE system, Quooker can also provide sparkling, filtered water too.

Quooker Style 

And Quooker comes in a variety of different styles and finishes. The Flex version has a pull-out hose for more reach. The Fusion does everything in one tap. The Nordic offers a boiling-water tap with matching mixer tap. And you get Quooker in chrome, black or, if you’re feeling particularly fancy, 24 carat gold!

Quooker’s Energy Efficiency

You might think that having boiling water on tap can’t be environmentally friendly. But it is. A Quooker is made up of two parts: there is a boiling-water tap on top of the worktop and a small tank under it (where the boiling water is stored). This tank has high-vacuum insulation, meaning the heat can’t escape. And so, very little energy (10 watts) is required to keep the water in the tank at boiling point.

But is Quooker Safe?

It’s probably safer than a kettle or a pan, both of which can easily spill boiling water over you. With Quooker, along with a safe handle and an illuminated light ring that tells you if the water is hot or cold, the water that comes out of the tap is made of fine drops and not a solid jet of water, the kind that might hit you if the kettle falls over.

And Quooker is Safe for the Kids Too 

A safety system ensures that a Quooker will never automatically dispense boiling water. Users have to press the handle twice and then turn it. Only then will boiling water flow from the tap. The risk of ‘accidentally’ turning the boiling-water tap on is very small.

Visit our Westerham showroom to see the Quooker Cube in action!

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