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Your information is in safe hands

June 15, 2018


Data protection is a subject that has hit the headlines repeatedly over the last few months, and is a general cause for concern when we hear about the latest data breaches. More than likely you’ve also heard the term GDPR in the news and unless your job involves data compliance it’s probable you’re wondering just what it means.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law to enforce stronger data security and privacy standards within companies, and is designed to protect our personal information.

Data security is an issue that involves all of us, from customers and staff to businesses and charities. Interacting in today’s digital world means we hand over personal information constantly, from our names and addresses to bank details and personal preferences. The aim of this new EU directive is to give everyone greater control over the data that is held by organisations, with increased powers to check the information on request.

Happily, here at Ruach Kitchens we take this issue very seriously and are currently in the process of implementing GDPR across our business to ensure we are fully compliant with the new rules. We want you to rest assured that we place security and integrity at the heart of our business, so your customer account information and data is safe and secure.

On the outside, only minor changes will be apparent, from opt in boxes on marketing literature to emails confirming you wish to stay on our marketing lists, however behind the scenes we’ve been working hard to rigorously test our standards and adopt a best practice approach.

GDPR signifies the biggest change to data protection rules in over 20 years and is part of a new UK Data Protection Bill. Over this period, the way we use and share our personal data has changed dramatically, making current provision outdated, so like many businesses we welcome the move to modernise the parameters.

Since the start of our business 25 years ago, we have been guided by our philosophy of providing exceptional service to all our customers. From the first phone call to the last finishing touches on your new designer kitchen, we want the experience to be a rewarding and enjoyable one and that can only be achieved through trust.
If you have any questions regarding the way we work, including our data protection provisions, please call us on 01959 457008 or visit the team at our Westerham showroom, and experience our first-class service for yourself.

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