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Space-saving kitchen solutions

April 5, 2018

With the current fashion for uncluttered, open-plan kitchens comes the issue of ensuring your kitchen has enough storage space to accommodate everything it needs. The smooth, clean lines of a contemporary kitchen are enticing, but without acres of cupboard space to hide kitchen paraphernalia how can you recreate this image?

This is where kitchen design gets clever! Here at Ruach Kitchens, we offer the lowdown on some space-saving solutions that could transform even the smallest space.

  1. Utilise every inch of storage

Kitchen units have evolved. Gone are the days of large pantries, to be replaced by slim-line units that can fit into small gaps which pull out to reveal easily accessible shelving units. This ensures you maximise every inch of space regardless of the depth of the unit, so there’s no wasted ‘dead’ space. Cantilevered carousels also work in the same way by using every nook and cranny.

  1. Consider the smallest detail

When it comes to creating a sense of space, simple touches make a big difference. For narrow galley kitchens, anything that stands out from the unit diverts the sightline and becomes an object you can knock into. Handless doors on gloss cabinets work well in small kitchens by creating smooth, uninterrupted lines that reflect the light. Hidden purpose-built tea towel cupboards are a clever solution to help create a minimalist look.

  1. Look up

Not only is it important to utilise every inch of width but also height. Ceiling-height cabinets offer much more storage space, whilst elongating the room. The top shelves are harder to reach but they’ll provide additional space to store items that aren’t needed every day. You could even have some handy steps hidden in the plinth boards!

  1. Island paradise

If you have the space for an island, it is well worth considering. Not only does an island provide extra storage space, but it can also hold smaller appliances, such as a microwave, taking it off the work surface. Or use the space to create a breakfast bar, so chairs can be tucked away when not in use. At Ruach Kitchens, we look at the way you use the available space to come up with bespoke ideas that help to declutter surfaces. We believe practicality doesn’t need to be sacrificed for style.

  1. Make the walls work

Wall shelves and pot racks help to free up drawer space, utilising blank walls for essential kitchen items. Metallic baskets can also be hung from racks to hold spices and ingredients. These space-saving solutions can enhance your kitchen design theme, for example metal pot racks create an industrial look that is particularly popular at the moment.

We have years of experience in designing kitchens of all sizes, finding solutions that work for you. If you need advice on how to maximise your kitchen space and create a room that makes you happy call our design team on 01959 457008 or visit our showroom.

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