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Top Kitchen Trends for 2022

February 1, 2020

Top Kitchen Trends for 2022

A new year is a great reason to usher in fresh kitchen design ideas. And a whole new decade could really herald some exciting changes! What’s looking to make an entrance in kitchens this year?


When we look back at the 2010s, dark blue is the standout colour. It made an entrance on both cabinetry and walls and remains a classic choice. Watch out for greens this year, edging into the blue sphere. Dark tones, as opposed to bright shades, with leafy prints and natural accents and accessories. Both blues and greens are a great way to bring a modern feel to traditional Shaker-style kitchens.

Colour will feature more in tiles, paint and cupboards. We may see two-colour contrast colours on cabinetry, such as units in one colour with a contrasting island. Pops of colour look set to make more of an impact as well and are a great way to reinvigorate a kitchen if you’re not ready to completely refurbish.


The holy grail of a good kitchen must be useful, effective storage! This year we’re looking at concealed but well placed storage, a multi-use larder cupboard, for example. Storage is also looking to become more in tune with our needs and kitchen layout – pans in easy reach, worktop appliances near to where they’ll be used. Concealed larger appliances will continue as well – cleverly integrated white goods and even microwaves in purpose-built cupboards. This will add to the desire for sleek lines and uniformity.

Natural materials

Wooden countertops are nothing new but darker, more natural-looking work surfaces, such as walnut, are ready to make an entrance. Expect to see more raw, industrial metals as well. This carries through to statement accessories too. Taps and lighting in brass which gives a soft feel but with an edge. Kitchens remain open plan for now, with living spaces incorporated and it’s important to keep the kitchen integrated, rather than a separate and utilitarian area.

There are lots of other new trends on the horizon too. Statement and feature flooring will prove a good way to update a kitchen, countertops with matching splashbacks could work really well – lovely continuity. And the island is set to say, though perhaps with multi uses – having two instead of just the one or including a dining island attached to the main. Sort of like a grown up breakfast bar.

Ultimately, a new kitchen is a major investment so whatever your plans are, make sure you’ll still be happy in ten years’ time with any bold features you include. Don’t forget trends come and go and the most important thing is for you to have a kitchen you love.

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