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What is a Shaker Kitchen?

December 7, 2020

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Shaker kitchens have remained one of the most desirable kitchen styles for hundreds of years due to their timeless elegance and beautifully crafted construction. Looking stunning in modern and traditional homes alike, the shaker style is always popular with our clients here at Ruach Kitchens. This is why we thought you might like to know a little bit more about the enduring kitchen style, its origins and how you can adopt the versatile design in your home. 


What is a Shaker kitchen?


The shaker kitchen style is recognisable by the simple framed design that forms the structure of the door. Also known as a picture frame construction, this is where the door is built from five pieces; two rails and two stiles that create the outer frame and one central panel. The central panel appears recessed behind the picture frame structure. The outer frame gives the shaker kitchen a gorgeous balance of simplicity and detail, establishing elegant, unfussy and beautifully timeless looks. The structure itself makes the shaker kitchen exceptionally strong and long-lasting. Shaker kitchens are renowned for their charming classic style and superb quality. 

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Where did the Shaker kitchen come from?

In the late 1700s a small group diverged from the Quaker religion to establish their own community with their own distinct beliefs based on that of the Quakers. They were known as The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. Their society was largely self-sufficient, and this included building their own homes and making their own furniture.
The religious principles of the group were reflected in every aspect of their way of living including their approach to furniture design. They believed in honesty and simplicity and practiced a dedication to their society that would bring them closer to God. Their aversion to self-indulgence can be seen in the simple and unadorned appearance of the shaker cabinetry. The framed design was a practical feature that served to improve the strength and durability of the door with the minimum amount of material required. Their attitudes were similarly conveyed through their extraordinary standards of craftsmanship which imbued their traditional kitchens with an exquisite level of refinement. A form follows function approach and a determination to strive for perfection is undoubtedly the reason for the shaker kitchen’s extraordinary longevity.

Choosing a Shaker kitchen in the 21st Century

Originating over 3 centuries ago, the shaker kitchen has certainly stood the test of time and is hugely popular with our clients today. At Ruach Kitchens, our shaker designs are handcrafted in the UK by family-owned company Ashley Ann. Ashley Ann proudly uphold the same meticulous attention to detail and rigorous standards set out by the makers of the very first shaker kitchens which means that you can experience the gorgeous looks and exceptional quality of the renowned style in your own Kent home.

The simple elegance of the shaker design makes it incredibly versatile. A shaker kitchen is the perfect choice to add a touch of character to a modern space or to beautifully emphasise the homely charm of a traditional design. The first shaker kitchens were enhanced with paints made from natural materials which lent them a warm and earthy quality. Emulating these subtle natural shades is a great way to bring a classic feel to your modern shaker kitchen. Likewise, understated and calming greys are a wonderful choice to create a truly luxurious and elegant space. Including wood finishes in your design is another stylish way to reference the humble and wholesome origins of this traditional kitchen style.

Blue shaker kitchen with peninsula  

Though shaker kitchens have a quite remarkable heritage they are certainly far from old-fashioned. Some of the most spectacular contemporary kitchens created by the Ruach team are complemented by the simple detailing of a gorgeous classic shaker design. From navy blues to forest greens, rich dark hues make a stunning impact giving your shaker kitchen a sophisticated, characterful and on-trend look. Pair with sleek white worksurfaces and modern accessories to bring a fresh and vibrant energy to your interior.

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