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What’s on your kitchen wish list?

March 28, 2019

What’s on your kitchen wish list?

When purchasing a new kitchen, there are some big decisions to be made, from budgets to colours, appliances to accessories. We’ve talked in a previous blog about the trend for wi-fi enabled kitchen gadgets – some of which appear to be the stuff of science fiction – but other appliances and features are gaining popularity, and while some may seem unnecessary or even frivolous, they may well end up on your kitchen wish list in 2019!

Multifunctional tap
Ditching the traditional kettle while boosting our hydration at home was made easier with the ‘3 in 1’ water tap, which has been around a while now. The new kid in town, though, is the ‘5 in 1’ from Zip HydroTap, providing not only hot, cold, boiling and chilled water, but also sparkling water. Could the Prosecco tap be next?!…

Another of our favourite taps is the Quooker tap. Not only does this function fantastically, but it’s a massive space saver – no more need for a kettle so you keep your worktops nice and clear! We have these taps ready to demo in our showroom, so feel free to pop in to say hi and you can see the tap for yourself.

Refrigerator drawer
Spacious, under-the-counter refrigerated drawers provide discreet, multifunctional cooling storage. Cabinet-depth, they can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen or fitted with a choice of stainless steel panel fronts to match other appliances. These roomy drawers allow you to see all your food and drink at a glance, with less risk of abandoned sticky jars at the back of the traditional upright fridge.

Venting hob
The downside of an open-plan kitchen is when it fills with steam, smoke and other cooking odours just as your guests arrive. Hobs – in particular those situated on an island – can present a real challenge; extractor hoods can be stylish but may not be the look you’re after. Counter-top hobs with a built in extractor provide the perfect solution. Much like a standard cooker hood, these air-venting induction hobs dispel vapours and odours immediately by drawing the air directly from the saucepan, frying pan or grill. Its innovative, space-saving design eliminates the need to have both a hob and a hood in your kitchen – and looks stylish too. We supply both the Miele and Bora brands, and can offer a demo of the Bora hob in our showroom if you want to see this in action!

Electro-magnetic oven
A new type of oven has emerged, which uses a combination of cooking techniques, functioning as a conventional oven, but also offering cooking by electromagnetic waves (not be confused with a microwave). Miele promises its Dialog electro-magnetic ovens will give a much more even cooking experience, without drying food out. The oven will also work with an app so you can browse recipes and send instructions to the oven through wi-fi.

Wine fridge
If you like your bubbly refreshingly cold and your red wine at room temperature, a wine cooler will transform your kitchen into a wine cellar. Free-standing or built-in, wine coolers keep red wine, white wine and champagne at recommended, optimum temperatures, meaning that your drinks can retain their aroma, colour and flavour at all times.

If you’re looking for a complete kitchen make over, book a free, no-obligation design visit, and we’ll put together a plan of how your kitchen could look, working with you to include the latest technology, appliances and innovations.

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