Kitchen Design

Getting Started

We want to help our customers create a kitchen space they can showcase. Whether you are revamping your décor or changing your kitchen, we provide expert advice. The key to our success lies in our design credentials. All our designers are graduates with first-rate customer service skills. Our design brief starts with you. We focus on how you use your kitchen, the flow of people through the space, and your unique requirements to find the perfect solution. Designing both traditional and contemporary kitchens means we ensure that we stay on top of the latest trends, technologies and design potentials.


Step 1. Talk to a member of our design team

Our team of kitchen specialists are on hand to provide you with the necessary information you need to get started. If you are lacking in kitchen design ideas or direction about revolutionising your kitchen, pop into our showroom in Westerham to see first-hand some cutting-edge design solutions and view a selection of over 280 different doors.


Step 2. Book a home visitation

To bring your ideas to life we need to visit your home and assess the kitchen space. We take measurements to certify the fittings are compatible with your design idea and to ensure that any issues can be resolved before the installation process. If you are having a new extension or house built, we can work from your architect’s plan.


Step 3. Finalised kitchen design

Our professional kitchen design specialists team takes your initial concept and generates a design that will be shared with you. At this point, you can show friends and family to identify any necessary changes to your design. We work with you until you are happy with the design, so adjustments can be made as many times as you like.


Step 4. Step into your design

Once your design is finalised, you can visit our showroom and try our virtual reality to see your kitchen before it has even been installed. Our new kitchen design tool is imperative for creating a luxury designer kitchen with the fine details that suits you and your style.






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