Whether you’re doubling the size of your house or creating something as small as a porch, all building work in your home requires planning permission. Fortunately, for those opting for a modest construction, that permission might already pre-exist through Permitted Development (PD).

What is Permitted Development (PD)?

This is the right to develop your home within certain parameters without the need to go through the planning application process. Your local authority can tell you if your project falls under PD. If not, then planning permission for your extension will have to be applied for.

When Do I Not Need Planning Permission?

There are a vast number of conditions your project will have to meet in order to not require applying for planning permission, here are just a few of them:

  1. You cannot cover more than half of the land around the original build of your house with your new extension. This condition could be tricky to meet and could influence which type of extension you can or cannot build.
  2. You are not allowed to have your new extension higher than the highest peak of your roof. This parameter is easier to meet as most kitchens are located on the ground floor anyway.
  3. A single storey rear extension cannot exceed a maximum height of four metres.
  4. You must also use similar materials in appearance to what the original house has been built with.
Extensions Take Time:

Whether you need planning permission or not is not a question which can be answered quickly. There are many different terms and conditions which need to be met. It will take time and consideration to inspect your current property and extension plans to work out if it is eligible to be built without applying.

Ruach are Experts in Kitchen Extensions!
If you choose to work with us, we will be there for you during every step of the design and build process making sure it all runs smoothly for you. We will inspect your property so that we get a better idea of what we are working with and then work with you to design your extension while meeting the demands of planning permission. If you have any more questions about planning permission and kitchen extensions, be sure to get in contact with us!

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