Step Into Your Virtual Kitchen


Here at Ruach, we’ve been designing and installing superb Surrey kitchens for over 25 years, however, we certainly aren’t afraid to move with the times. We always strive to improve our customer experience and our cutting-edge virtual reality design service is intended to do just that. Our virtual reality service gives you a unique opportunity to discover your beautifully designed new kitchen in all its glory. Seeing every detail of your kitchen design first-hand in four dimensions will immediately put your mind at rest and gives you complete confidence that your kitchen will be everything you want it to be and more.

Virtual Reality Kitchen Design -World Leading Technology


In an increasingly digitised world, we continue to see amazing advancements in design technology. Over the past couple of years, Virtual Reality (VR) software has transformed the way in which designers are able to re-imagine our homes. However, this technology is still relatively new to the kitchen industry and, here at Ruach Kitchens, we are one of just a handful of retailers currently pioneering this incredible world-leading technology.

Experiencing your kitchen in Virtual Reality allows you to get a tangible feel for the space. We understand that redesigning your kitchen can be daunting, but with our VR service you can play out real-life scenarios to ensure you’re completely happy with the layout and design before you proceed with your project. If you do have any concerns, we can quickly and easily make changes instantaneously. This process will give you absolute confidence that your final kitchen is simply perfect in every way. With the exceptional talent and experience of our skilled kitchen design team, our clients are consistently blown away by the incredible first experience of their new interior.    

Experience Your Mobalpa Kitchen Like Never Before


Our VR service is currently designed to explore our range of Mobalpa kitchens. Mobalpa specialises in sleek contemporary interiors, their products include a collection of truly luxurious handleless designs as well as modern flat-panel styles. Manufactured in the French Alps using German precision-engineering technology, Mobalpa kitchens are effortlessly chic and outstandingly practical. Experiencing your kitchen through our Virtual Reality technology will present you with a clear vision of your immaculate new interior. As you walk around your space, you can appreciate the superb layout and envision exactly what it will be like to experience the flawless ergonomics of your exceptional Mobalpa kitchen.

Your Virtual Reality Kitchen Journey


Your Virtual Reality kitchen journey starts at our Westerham showroom where our expert team will be delighted to support you from your very first kitchen design right through to your final installation. Designing your kitchen with the Ruach team and our leading VR technology gives you an opportunity to experience a kitchen journey like no other!

Find Inspiration At Our Westerham Showroom


Before we begin designing your new kitchen ready to be viewed through our Virtual Reality software, we recommend a visit to our wonderful Westerham showroom. Our showroom is the perfect place to start your kitchen journey. Here you can explore our range of stunning contemporary and traditional designs and get a true appreciation for their immaculate quality and gorgeous style. Our team will be on-hand during your visit should you need a friendly expert to discuss our awe-inspiring variety of designs with.

The All-Important Design

Once you’ve had time to consider your practical requirements and have narrowed down some of your favourite styles, our talented designers will arrange a convenient date to carry out a survey of your space. Before we get started on your bespoke kitchen design, our team will take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle and your tastes to craft you a unique tailormade solution. With their years of experience, our designers appreciate all the fine details that go into creating a kitchen that’s a cut above the rest. They always go the extra mile to bring you an immaculate, luxurious quality kitchen that has that special something.

Your Vision Realised In Four Dimensions


When your 2D plans are finalised we then develop them into a 4D render using state-of-the-art Insitu software. We invite you back to the showroom for the big reveal where you can don one of our HTC headsets and step into your very own virtual kitchen. Seeing your vision realised in four dimensions gives you the unique opportunity to experience your design like never before. This exciting window into your design means you can have absolute confidence that your new kitchen will look even more stunning in real life.

Your Flawless Installation


There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to seamlessly install your kitchen. Our in-house team of installation specialists aren’t just fitters, they’re craftsmen who take incredible pride in their work. Each kitchen they fit is given meticulous attention to detail, ensuring our designs live up to our exacting standards. The perfect installation of our kitchens plays a crucial role in their longevity and breath-taking style. At Ruach Kitchens, we go above and beyond from design to installation to bring you a hassle-free journey that delivers your perfect bespoke luxury kitchen.

Discover The Future Of Kitchen Design Now


At Ruach Kitchens, we always put our customers first, delivering superb quality bespoke kitchens designed around you and your home. Our amazing virtual reality technology is a fantastic way to experience your kitchen design journey, but it’s certainly no substitute for our exceptional customer service and outstanding quality products. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with your unique project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking the button below.

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