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The top Kitchen appliances to help take the stress out of Christmas dinner

December 9, 2020

The top Kitchen appliances to help take the stress out of Christmas dinner

In most households, Christmas dinner is the most planned meal of the year – with families and friends descending, endless sides and trimmings, and the kids over excited. What could go wrong?

After buying enough food to feed a small army, how can you make sure the feast lives up to expectations? Here are just some of the appliances that could help you pull off the Christmas dinner of the decade…


The Perfect turkey

The traditional Turkey is back in fashion with so many supermarkets, farm shops and butchers offering so many types of good quality fresh birds. You can spend a lot on your centrepiece but this doesn’t guarantee a tasty dinner!

Poor cooking techniques can still mean that even the best turkey ends up dry and tasteless. However, your oven can help you – brands such as AEG and Miele can make sure you roast it to perfection. With many different cooking programmes and an integrated temperature probe, you will know when your Turkey is ready to come out the oven.

And if that’s not enough, the Moisture Plus technology within the Miele ovens injects steam into the oven to keep the turkey beautifully moist. This function can also give your roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings a light and golden crisp finish.


Juggling the pans

With so many vegetables and sides, having enough space on your hob to sautee the sprouts, deglaze the pan for gravy whilst boiling the swede and warming the bread sauce can be a challenge.

Having an Induction hob can give you the flexibility needed to deftly juggle your pans safely, all whilst saving on energy! Hobs from Neff, Miele and Siemens all offer flexible cooking zones that can handle any type of pan and tin with their size recognition system that only heats the pan, not the surrounding hob. And it doesn’t restrict you to the traditional four or six rings with their full width cooking zones.


Keeping it warm

With a meal of this size, having everything ready at the same time is virtually impossible so having a warming draw is invaluable. It can be a great place to leave the meat to rest, warm the plates and save the bread sauce from going dry!


Instant boiling water

During the cooking of the big feast, keeping the kettle permanently full on the boil is a great tip – for the gravy stock, for the cooking of the vegetables and so on. But imagine having boiling water on tap… literally!

The Quooker tap provides instant cold, hot and boiling water – with some models even offering the luxury of chilled sparkling water too!

These taps are also a great way of giving you more worktop space, which is usually in short supply during the prepping and cooking of Christmas dinner.


The big clear up

After the Christmas dinner has been devoured, returning back into the kitchen is usually done with some intrepidation. With gravy spills, fatty ovens and something has always boiled over on the hob, clearing up is a daunting task.

Fear not anymore – there are some great appliances on the market that can give you a help in hand.

A lot of the quality inductions hobs on the market now are wipe clean – so no need for taking bits apart or scrubbing.

Then there’s the amazing self-cleaning ovens. Pyrolytic electric ovens like the ones from Neff and AEG can be set to auto-clean mode. These heat to 500°C and reducing food deposits to a tiny pile of ash. Just leave it on for around 2 hours whilst you kick back and relax – and job done. The only thing left for you to do is, after the oven cools, sweep up the ash.


Happy Christmas to you all!

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