How to get the industrial look in your kitchen

How to get the industrial look in your kitchen

We love the industrial trend in kitchen design. Of course, we understand it might not be for everyone but for a cool, versatile and hard-wearing style we think there’s a lot to appreciate.

However, you may not want to go for a full industrial revamp, and this is where the trend is particularly advantageous. It’s easy to pick elements to enhance your current kitchen space without having to start from scratch.

So, what do we mean by the industrial look? It’s characterised by the use of raw, exposed materials such as concrete, brick and metal. Predominantly associated with the colour grey, it’s easy to pick up different tones in fabric or wall paint to reproduce the style.

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a well-deserved update but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together our five top tips on how to incorporate the look in your own home:

    1. It’s all about the texture. This style is about stripping back to reveal the materials used to construct your kitchen, and making a feature of them in their own right. Think exposed brick walls, visible piping and shelves with metal brackets. If stripping the plaster from your brickwork isn’t viable then there are plenty of options to fake it such as brick wallpaper.
    2. Rummage to reclaim. Vintage furniture is a quick and simple way to reflect this fashion in your interior design. The aged appearance of reclaimed wood is perfect for shelving. Baskets and crates also offer great storage options and enhance the unfinished, eclectic appearance we’ve come to expect with this scheme.
    3. The Bulb. Nothing says industrial more than the exposed light bulb. Whilst this may conjure up images of Thomas Edison, the bare bulb has grown in popularity over the last few years and there’s now a huge number of beautifully designed products on the market. When placed over a table or work surface as a pendant light, this feature sets the tone perfectly.
    4. Concrete surfaces. If you don’t relish the idea of stripping the flooring back to bare concrete, there are other ways to use this material by adding simple accessories. Concrete planters, bowls and tables offer affordable touches. Concrete is also an ideal material for kitchen worktops, as it’s durable, heat resistant and comes in a range of shades.
    5. Talk to the designers. As a Mobalpa stockist, we have years of experience when it comes to creating contemporary kitchens for our clients. Our team of designers knows exactly how to interpret this trend to create a unique kitchen that will match your tastes and needs. From the factory style to urban chic, the ranges available offer a wealth of industrial-inspired features, such as black varnished matt units, and oak and black metal stools.

If you’re looking for a complete kitchen make over, book a free, no-obligation design visit, and we’ll put together a plan of how your industrial kitchen could look. Click here to book, and you could be one step closer to getting the hottest kitchen in town! https://ruachdesigns.co.uk/book-free-design-visit/

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