Safety at the heart of the home

Kitchens are a hive of activity. For families, this room is more than a place to prepare food, it’s the scene of our everyday exchanges: to chat, laugh and share time together. However, when you combine the busyness of the space with the equipment readily to hand, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most hazardous rooms in the house.

An inadvertent lapse of concentration or unlucky slip of the hand has left us many of us with cuts, burns and bumps. According to statistics, over 100,000 people are injured in a kitchen-related accident every year. If you have little people toddling around this is a particular cause for concern.

The good news is the latest designs and kitchen innovations are turning the tide on this room’s potential for harm. Now more than ever, safety is a central consideration. And the industry has worked hard to eliminate as much risk as possible from day-to-day tasks.

When we’re commissioned to design a new kitchen, safety underpins every recommendation we make in the process. We want to create kitchens that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising on the welfare of those who use it.

Here are seven key ways we build safety into our designs:

Safety compliance – our experienced fitters are trained to the highest standards and meet the latest safety regulations for kitchen installations. So you can have peace of mind knowing that the plumbing and electrics are carried out by qualified technicians. New or upgraded circuits are issued with a Part P Building Regulations certificate, overseen by the NICIEC.

Smooth edges – there are a number of contemporary and traditional ranges available that create beautiful, smooth lines with rounded corners. These designs are particularly suitable for families with small children, as the risk of bumping into a sharp edge is reduced. Now a common feature in most new kitchens, soft-closing drawers also help to avoid fingers being shut in cupboards.

Induction hobs – the rise in the popularity of this innovative technology has done a lot to improve kitchen safety records. As the hobs only heat the pans that sit on top, the surfaces don’t pose a threat – ideal for little hands that might touch things they shouldn’t. Absentmindedly leaving the hob on is no longer a problem.

Technology innovations – the development of many commonplace household appliances has resulted in safety features now being integrated as standard. Here at Ruach Kitchens, we like to stay ahead of the latest innovations so that we can bring you the best on offer. The latest ovens and washing machines have added button locks to stop children switching on equipment, and door locking mechanisms. We can advise on key features to look out for.

Open plan, clear spaces – the rise in the popularity of the kitchen-diner living space has created a focus on well designed, utilised rooms with uncluttered surfaces and clever storage. This look also helps to reduce accidents caused by busy work surfaces filled with objects that get in the way when prepping and cooking food. With many smaller kitchen staples such as microwaves now integrated into cabinets, worktops are clear which means items are less likely to fall from surfaces as the cook battles for space.

We want our customers to have a kitchen that looks breath-taking but also keeps them safe from harm. For all the latest advice on what safety features are available, talk to our experienced team at our Kent-based showroom and enjoy the space we create.

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