Ruach Kitchens’ monthly product focus looks at the Quooker tap.


Occasionally an innovation emerges that rapidly becomes a must-have. Of all the developments in kitchen technology over recent years the Quooker tap is one of our favourites here at Ruach Kitchens. It’s time to ditch the kettle and keep your kitchen worktops free of clutter, as one tap can do it all! Come along to our beautiful showroom in Westerham, Kent, to see the product first hand.

How it works
This Dutch invention instantly dispenses boiling water from a tap over the sink, using an energy-efficient tank hidden below the work surface. All you see is a sleek kitchen tap, but by using the latest vacuum technology this simple device will save you time and money. What makes Quooker stand out from other brands is its ability to consistently dispense water at the correct temperature – 100oC – so it’s bacteria free and sterile.

How it helps
From preparing the perfect cup of tea to filling hot water bottles and boiling potatoes, there are so many ways the Quooker can help. Having boiling water constantly on tap sounds expensive, but the high-vacuum insulation means it costs around three pence a day to run, and saves money because you’re not boiling water from cold.

Introducing Quooker Flex
Having received such fantastic reviews from our customers who’ve chosen Quooker taps for their new kitchens, we know the value of the product. So, we were delighted to hear about the recent launch of the next generation – Quooker Flex – the world’s first boiling water tap with an integral pull out hose for boiling, hot, cold and filtered water. The flexible spout makes it easy to clean those hard to reach places such as the corners of the sink, or dirty pots and pans.
We can now announce that the Quooker Flex is available to view in our showroom, so you can come along and speak to our expert team for advice and guidance. Taking pride of place in one of our contemporary display kitchens, you’ll be able to see the range of finishes and safety features for yourself. For a live demo see this clip from Quooker at www.quooker.co.uk, www.facebook.com/quookeruk, www.twitter.com/quookeruk.

Safety first
Whilst the thought of a boiling tap may not sound safe, the system is designed for busy families and uses several safeguards to eliminate the chance of accidents. According to the Child Accident and Prevention Trust, over 6,500 children under the age of five visit A&E because of scalds from kettles every year. Using Quooker’s unique push and turn function, the handle is completely childproof, and the insulated sides prevent the tap from being hot to the touch. The Quooker Flex hose will not dispense boiling water when the hose is pulled out making it extremely safe even in the wrong hands.
Ian Penman, our Managing Director, comments:

“Quooker has already established a reputation that’s synonymous with quality and revolutionary design, so we were very pleased to hear about the arrival of the Quooker Flex, which takes the functionality of the original design and extends it. This exclusive 4 in 1 tap is the first of its kind, and has received international recognition with several product design awards.”

“We’re committed to providing our customers with the best that’s available, so it’s with great pride that we’ve become known as Quooker experts. From installation to product care, we can offer tips on how to select and maintain your Quooker tap for many years to come.”

To experience the technology for yourself, call us on 01959 457008 or visit our showroom, and we’ll get the Quooker on!

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