Top Kitchen Trends for 2022

While, of course, we all want our kitchens to stand the test of time both in style and practicality, looking to the latest trends is a great way to find inspiration for your project, and a new year is a great reason to usher in fresh kitchen design ideas. From striking colour schemes to state-of-the-art technology, the newest kitchen concepts aren’t just relevant to the look of your space; they can also offer new solutions to some of those time old kitchen challenges. To help you discover what’s hot in the world of kitchen design right now, we’ve put together this brilliant blog.

Dramatic Colours

When we look back at the past few years, dark blues and neutral greiges have long been the colours of choice. While they remain popular, our newfound bravery seems to have opened us up to ever more daring shades. Many kitchen manufacturers are introducing new and diverse colours to their collections, including deep greens, olive tones, dusky pinks, yellow ochres, bright blues and rich plums. These vibrant shades make a dramatic choice, perfect if you’re hoping to add a splash of personality to a classic shaker or in-frame design.

In terms of contemporary kitchen styles, colour trends have taken a slightly different turn. While homeowners are certainly looking to make an impact, more muted blacks, anthracite greys and textured surfaces are favoured over strongly pigmented hues. Clean white walls lift a dark colour scheme, ensuring the space feels bright and airy.

Grey and white handleless kitchen extension with island breakfast bar

Natural Surface Finishes

From organic tarnished metal textures to warm natural woods and riven stone, striking textural surface finishes look set to grow in popularity in 2022. Oak countertops and breakfast bars are nothing new. However, a variety of darker and limed woods are now making an entrance in the form of sleek and stylish modern cabinetry. Wood is also more popular than ever when it comes to flooring, with herringbone and chevron patterns making a bold design statement in modern and classic interiors alike.

Rose gold, brass and yellow gold metallic accents have added a luxe feel to kitchens over the past couple of years. Next year we expect to see more raw, patinated metals come to the fore. Think tarnished copper and brass splashbacks, metal mesh details and even antique brass taps and sink bowls.

Going hand in hand with the trend for dark and dramatic contemporary kitchens, deep veined stone, black slate and soft concrete finishes are set to grace cabinetry and work surfaces in the latest modern kitchens. These powerful moody textures add a sophisticated edge to a minimal contemporary space.

Handleless Kitchens

Though many interior designers are promoting broken-plan living arrangements, open-plan kitchen diner and kitchen living spaces remain the most popular choice. And as a backdrop to every kind of occasion, the unobtrusive minimalist character of a handleless kitchen offers the perfect canvas upon which to base your kitchen design. Void of the functional detailing normally associated with the kitchen, such as handles and plates racks, the versatile handleless kitchen can be tailored to complement any space.

Kitchen extension with white kitchen with blue island

Concealed Storage & Appliances

At the heart of the handleless kitchen trend sits a desire to achieve minimal and uncluttered interiors with as little unnecessary detailing as possible. This makes integrated appliances and clever storage an absolute must. A breakfast pantry or larder is ideal for hiding small appliances, such as kettles, microwaves and toasters, out of sight.

Despite their impressive looks, functionality is undoubtedly at the heart of the German-inspired handleless kitchen. And the holy grail of a practical kitchen simply has to be excellent storage! Deep pan drawers, slim pull-out larders and plenty of streamlined tall units take the spotlight in 2022.

Display Shelves

Though concealing clutter is a must, adding personality with a few carefully placed houseplants and ornaments will be the key to elevating your kitchen in 2022. Display shelves are ideal for achieving the ‘curated kitchen’ look inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian interior design trends.


Perhaps it’s too much to hope that the Glasgow Climate Pact signed by over 200 countries on the 13th November 2021 will truly go down in history. However, it seems evident that over the coming years, concerns over climate change will only increase. These concerns are already filtering into our homes and kitchens and are characterised by an emphasis on natural materials, timber, and green colour schemes. But aside from the visual connotations, we will also be looking more carefully at the environmental credentials of our kitchen products and appliances.

Shaker kitchen in Light Blue by Farrow & Ball with kitchen island with Bora hob and pendant lights

Smart Technology

From saving water and electricity to helping us speed up our daily chores, the latest smart kitchen appliances are sure to continue transforming our homes and lifestyles. In recent years the BORA downdraft venting hob and Quooker boiling water tap have gained significant recognition. Quooker tap sales will certainly continue to rise, while other appliances manufacturers, including NEFF, Siemens and Bosch, enhance their own venting and induction hob technologies. WiFi-enabled smart appliances are also developing and improving to make our lives increasingly convenient.

Ultimately, a new kitchen is a major investment, so whatever your plans are, you’ll want to make sure you’re still happy with your choices in ten or even twenty years’ time. The latest trends can provide a great source of exciting new ideas and styles but don’t forget trends come and go. The most important thing is to create a kitchen you really love. If you’d like to discuss your ideas with our friendly team, you can call us on 01959 457008 or email us at [email protected].

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