Try Before You Buy! Virtual reality (VR) Kitchen Design

a customer tryin gout the virtual reality headset with her kitchen design whilst the designer stands next to her watching on the screen

Try Before You Buy! Virtual reality (VR) Kitchen Design

Will I have enough worktop space? Will there be enough space to open my appliances? What will this kitchen actually be like to live in?

The answer to all the above questions and many more could be solved by virtual reality kitchen design, the latest development in bringing your dream kitchen to life.

What is VR?

You’ll probably never go to the Moon, run the bulls at Pamplona, or hang glide over the Grand Canyon, but with VR you can. With VR you can immerse yourself in a believable, interactive 3D computer-created world, one which you feel physically and mentally connected to.

How Does VR Kitchen Design Work?

As with any VR experience, information is entered into the computer to create a 360°, panoramic 3D world, that you then enter via the virtual reality headset. In this instance, the world put together will be the kitchen created through discussions with your kitchen designer. With the headset on, you then get to explore what this kitchen will be like to live in.

A Fully Immersive VR World

Imagine walking around your small kitchen and getting a feel for the colour choices, working out if your cupboards are in the best place, getting a sense of whether that appliance should go there or somewhere else. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a larger space, imagine walking around your kitchen island, judging whether you have room for an Aga, working out if you have space for a bigger entertaining area.

Not Just You?

Not everyone using your kitchen is going to be the same size. Adults come in all shapes and sizes and children experience a kitchen differently to their parents. One of the great aspects of VR is the ability to experience a computer-generated world in a variety of different ways. You could be your pre-school child, your statuesque partner or simply yourself. VR gives you the opportunity to discover how everyone using that kitchen will experience it.

Why Choose VR Kitchen Design?

Aside from being a really fun way to design a kitchen, one of the main benefits of VR design is the fact that you can make changes instantly. Even a perfect 2-D design, once fitted, might not suit the reality of your life. But, by then it’s likely too late (or too expensive) to make a change. With VR design you can be sure that the kitchen you ultimately get is going to be one that works for the space you have and the people that use it.

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