8 Contemporary Kitchen Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Thanks to their impressive versatility and timeless elegance, contemporary kitchens are very popular with our Kent clients here at Ruach. If you’re thinking about choosing a modern kitchen style for your upcoming project, then you’ll more than likely be looking to soak up the latest design ideas to give you some inspiration for your space. Since we’re halfway through the year, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at our favourite modern kitchen trends that we’ve seen so far…


Nature Inspired Colour Schemes

When it comes to capturing your personality and reflecting your individual style, your choice of colour is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Over the past couple of years, as our focus has shifted towards wellbeing and sustainability, introducing natural features into our homes has become increasingly popular. Fresh and tranquil nature-inspired colour schemes incorporating dusky pinks, olive greens and subtle beiges alongside a good splash of white are one of the top contemporary kitchen trends this year. A calming and airy colour palette offers the potential to bring a charming and peaceful ambience to your kitchen, perfect for 2021 and beyond!


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Dark & Sophisticated Styling

At the other end of the spectrum, dark and dramatic kitchen colour schemes are more popular than ever. Last year’s on-trend navy blue and forest green shaker kitchens allowed us to dip our toes into the world of darker colour schemes, and we liked what we saw! Opting for a modern matt black kitchen is the ideal way to make a bold and sophisticated statement. Especially when paired with glamorous lighting, mirror splashbacks and just a subtle touch of warming wood. 



Immaculately Clean Lines

2021 is undeniably the year of the handleless kitchen. Originating from Germany, the handleless kitchen boasts immaculate clean lines and minimal detailing, creating an effortlessly stylish aesthetic. Doing away with the obvious functional connotations of handles and including fully integrated and concealed appliances, a handleless kitchen makes a stunning backdrop to an open-plan layout.



Dramatic Materials

With uncluttered handleless kitchens providing a fantastic canvas, dramatic marble splashbacks, striking woodgrain finishes and textural oxide effects are all playing a prominent role in contemporary kitchen design this year. Including a spectacular accent material in your Kent kitchen is a wonderful way to add a luxe edge to your interior.



Statement Lighting

From modern bare bulb chandeliers to stylish pendant designs, combining eye-catching lighting with your standard recessed downlights is a must for your new contemporary Kent kitchen. Statement lighting is ideal for highlighting design features such as a kitchen island or dining area while choosing a wonderful unique style can beautifully accentuate the overall impact of your design.



Ingenious Storage

One of the many reasons so many of our Kent clients adore our contemporary kitchens is their amazing practical capabilities. Giving you excellent access right to the back of your units, extra-deep and extra-wide drawers with reinforced hinges are ideal for storing a range of items from pots and pans to crockery. Pull-out systems have the potential to truly revolutionise your kitchen, making struggling to find things at the back of your cupboard a thing of the past. Slim-line pull-out larders and pantries with integrated drawers make an ingenious solution to all your kitchen storage needs.



Downdraft Venting Hobs

While this innovative kitchen appliance has been on our radar for a while now, in 2021, the downdraft venting hob is at the top of everyone’s wish list. First established by Bora and then joined by models from Neff, Siemens and other leading appliance manufacturers, the venting hob has had a significant impact on the way we design our kitchens. Doing away with the need for a bulky overhead extractor, you can now place your hob anywhere in your kitchen. Boasting sleek good looks and amazing functionality, a venting extractor hob will undoubtedly make your new Kent kitchen a joy to use.



Boiling Water Taps

Like the venting hob, boiling water taps aren’t necessarily new to us. However, with their outstanding efficiency, convenience, added safety features and range of stylish designs, their popularity continues to grow. One of our favourite benefits of the boiling water tap is its ability to keep your worksurfaces looking pristine. Replacing your kettle with a boiling water tap not only ensures your new contemporary kitchen looks immaculate but also gives you more precious room to enjoy cooking and preparing food. You can find out more about Quooker boiling water taps by clicking here.




Keeping an eye on the latest trends and ideas is a great way to find inspiration for your upcoming Kent kitchen project. While, of course, some trends do come and go, at Ruach Kitchens, our expert team combine the latest innovations with classic principles to help our clients establish a timeless interior that lasts for years to come. If you’d like to know more about how we can help to bring your perfect contemporary Kent kitchen to life, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team by calling 01959 561333 or emailing [email protected].

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