The new kitchen journey

Most people plan when they are going to change their kitchen. It’s going to be next year, in five years time when the kids have left home, or if we win the lottery. My epiphany came when I saw my younger neighbour driving a very shiny, navy blue, Audi TT – a car that I have long admired.

‘Wow, that’s a great car, it suits you,’ said I.

‘Yes, my Auntie died recently and left me some money, and I thought I would treat myself,’ came the reply.

That got me thinking. Why leave money for my heirs to buy Audi TTs when I could be spending it on myself?  After all, I work hard enough for it.

So that was the start of a steady stream of kitchen ‘experts’ coming through the door to advise me on my perfect kitchen. First, there was Jason – bedecked in gold jewellery, and extremely pointed black paten shoes; then there was earnest Ryan, who kept asking me what I wanted – well, surely the whole point of meeting with a kitchen expert is that they tell you what you want. And then came Violet in her little mini, which she parked on the communal grass, instead of the parking space. However, she was so full of enthusiasm and ideas, so I forgave her that little transgression. And hereby began my relationship with Ruach Kitchens.

Violet asked me what my main aim was. It was a north-facing kitchen, so I wanted it to be light, airy and spacious. She came up with some initial ideas and then we worked together on the final design, which I loved. I was, by now, raring to go and couldn’t wait for it to be up and running. Ian, the boss, came round to do the survey and said they would be able to install it by the last week in November.

‘Don’t do it,’ warned friends. ‘It will never happen and you will be without a kitchen all over Christmas.’

Well I did do it, and I did have a kitchen up and running over Christmas and it was a joy to entertain.

Now, I know that reviews should always be honest and cover the good and the bad. I’ve, therefore, tried to think of some bad things but, in all honesty, there weren’t any. Apart from the trauma of having to decamp and live in the attic with a microwave and a kettle while the work was going on, I have no complaints. Yes, some parts didn’t arrived on time, so the brilliant fitters, Neil and James, had to return at a later date to finish off some bits and pieces. Yes, the line of the fridge and the worktop irritated me, but as soon as I raised this with Violet, Neil turned up to put it right. And that’s about it for the ‘negatives’.

Even when I rang the showroom in a panic one morning, having dreamed that I’d ordered a black and white spotted worktop, they didn’t raise an eyebrow. Paula said calmly that she would double check the worktop order and she duly rang back to reassure me that it wasn’t spotted!! The sad ending to this tale is that three years after my gorgeous kitchen was installed I decided to move home. But there is no doubt that it was a key selling point.

I was going to wait a few years before changing the kitchen in my new property but, after two weeks, I decided life’s too short.  I am going to again deny my heirs their Audi TTs, and the lovely Violet has already been round to measure up.

Christine F – 16 June 2018

If you’re interested in starting your new kitchen journey then get in touch with us or pop into our showroom in Westerham, Kent. We would love to see you!

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