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Some innovations are so ground-breaking and intuitive that it makes you wonder why we haven’t always organised our kitchens this way.

The latest technologies to grace our cooking spaces not only assist us in our day to day tasks but also add an air of elegance and space. Take the BORA Hob for example. The company behind this development had the smart idea of combining an induction hob with an extractor fan, to remove cooking smells and vapour at the source.

Not only does the BORA Hob eliminate the need for a large extractor hood over your cooking area but it looks simple, sleek and non-obtrusive, giving any kitchen a state-of-the-art appearance. This product also adds flexibility to the design process as it can be placed in an island or peninsular whilst maintaining an open sight line. We’re proud to be a UK stockist, so come along to our Westerham showroom to see this innovation for yourself.

How it works

The principles of this invention are very simple and yet extremely effective. Underpinned by the science of fluid mechanics, the BORA Hob uses a cross flow which is stronger than the speed of rising steam to draw cooking vapours, smoke and fat down into an extractor located on the cooking surface, between the hobs. The gases then pass through a powerful stainless-steel filter before travelling through an external wall, or are recirculated using an additional level of filtration.

How it helps

The benefits of a BORA Hob are immediately apparent. We all appreciate the function of the extractor fan in our homes: keeping lingering cooking smells at bay which would otherwise find their way into our soft furnishings and beyond! However, as most fans are located above the hobs, vapour has a greater chance of escaping into the room.

The BORA system offers a clean-rate of 100%. Tests have shown that steam, odour and grease is removed so quickly that nothing can escape – leaving your kitchen smelling fresh. This is particularly good for homes with open-plan kitchen diners: now the smell of your dinner won’t hang around long after the meal has been consumed!

With all this downward suction you may be concerned about the additional noise, however BORA products are much quieter than conventional fans, so you can chat comfortably with family and friends while cooking.


Choosing the right BORA for you

The versatility of the range means there’s a system that will suit your unique requirements:

BORA Basic

Recognisable from its central and circular inlet nozzle, the BORA Basic is a compact size (515 x 760/ 830 mm) that will comfortably sit fours pans (including two large pots). The induction hob and suction can be operated from a touch panel.

BORA Classic

This system has modular elements which means you can create a bespoke configuration, from induction and gas hobs to built-in woks and stainless-steel grills. The hob measures 515 x 340 mm and is supplied with a plinth fan.

BORA Professional

This product range is defined by its deep cooktops (540 mm), solid stainless-steel dials and modular flexibility. Last year it was crowned 2017 Red Dot Award Winner, in the renowned international design competition.

Ian Penman, our Managing Director, comments:

“The BORA Hob is one of those innovations that you have to see for yourself to fully appreciate the impact it will have on the future of kitchen design. By replacing bulky overhead extractor fans with sleek central vents alongside the hobs, this product frees up space in the kitchen for greater configuration flexibility and the ultimate in contemporary styling.”

Why not champion a kitchen revolution by installing a BORA Hob? Call us on 01959 457008 to arrange a demonstration at our Kent showroom.

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