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Introducing the latest innovation in worktops

August 16, 2018

Each month we focus on innovations in kitchen products and design. For us, delivering a kitchen with that all-important ‘wow’ factor means staying one step ahead of the market by sourcing new materials or ideas that will eventually become commonplace in kitchens across the country.

Here at Ruach Kitchens, we won’t recommend a product unless we’re 100% assured of its quality and durability. We want your new kitchen to stay looking as great as it did on the day it was completed. This ability to withstand long-term wear and tear is vital when it comes to kitchen worktops.

Introducing Dekton, the latest advance in worktop material

Dekton is an amazing new product with qualities that no other worktop offers. It is still relatively unknown, however we think this is about to change.

So, what makes Dekton so special?

Dekton is the ideal solution for hard-working kitchens. It is supplied in one continuous piece, which means there are no joins, cuts and seams which can lead to weaknesses or gather dirt. This material provides a bespoke uniform surface in a variety of colours and designs.

The difference is apparent when you look at its properties. This worktop is resistant to scratches, stains, heat, fire, UV fading and freezing. This is achieved by the unique process involved in manufacturing the material it is made from.

Dekton is an ultra-compact surface that blends the raw materials used to produce glass, porcelain, and quartz by using the technology of sinterized particles. This mimics the process that natural stone undergoes over thousands of years. Using extreme heat and pressure the material is compacted, to create a product that is impermeable and strong. So no matter what space you have available, and what you do in your kitchen, this worktop will maintain its smooth surface and just-fitted look.

Dekton also works for outdoor kitchen spaces and barbeques, as its strength and ultra-compact structure will keep it stain and crack-free whatever the weather. There are a range of over eight different collections, all containing an assortment of traditional and contemporary shades, from glassy marble and natural stone to modern grey.

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of selecting a Dekton worktop, and see some samples, visit our showroom in Westerham, Kent, to find out how this innovative product could transform your kitchen.

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