Light Up Your Kitchen

Light Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen serves many functions – a hub for the family to gather, a focal point at parties and a place to plan and prepare meals, to name a few. As kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, their uses differ from home to home. Whatever your kitchen’s primary role is, it’s important to get the lighting just right.

If you’re having an entire kitchen refit, that’s the perfect opportunity to plan your lighting according to how the space will be used. But even if you’re not planning any major work, it can be quite simple to overhaul the look and feel of your existing kitchen with some lighting adjustments.


Consider why you need lighting. Is it for food prep? Then you’ll want shadow-free, bright light. For entertaining you could have adjustable or coloured LEDs to fit in with the mood. Smaller kitchens may have more dark corners so spotlights or even angle poise lamps might work to banish dark spots.


We’ve come a long way since the days of strip lighting in kitchens! Lighting trends change as frequently as other home styling features but adding a modern touch to your kitchen lighting can give it an instant and modern facelift. Think exposed wires and bare Edison bulbs – now available as LEDs so you can get the look in an eco-friendly way.

Add a metallic touch with copper lightshades, a bright pop of contrasting colour or give a shabby chic feel with chandeliers and cut glass fixtures. If you already have pendant lights, it couldn’t be easier to change the feel of your kitchen simply by introducing some new shades. Vintage is a popular look right now and there are reclaimed treasures to be found if you look.


Many kitchens have accent features, such as an island or vintage table, and lighting can be used to draw the eye and make them real focal points. Pendant lights work well over islands and can also act as an unconscious room divider in open plan kitchen / dining spaces. Make sure the height of your lighting is right for your need – you don’t want to be banging your head every day.


It’s very easy to retrofit lighting beneath kitchen cupboards and a great way to introduce some background lighting too. Glass-fronted cupboards with integrated lights can add warmth to your kitchen and open shelves can have adjustable lighting, also a good way to shine a literal spotlight on your pretty kitchen accessories. For mood lighting, consider having LED lights at the base of floor cupboards, particularly effective with a feature floor covering.

There are so many lighting choices and possibilities for kitchens. If you are planning a new kitchen, be sure to incorporate the lighting scheme into all your designs and don’t leave it as an afterthought. You can be so creative if you plan your lighting from the beginning.

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