How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger – 10 Top Tips

How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger – 10 Top Tips

A big kitchen is often at the top of an ideal home wish list. New homes are often built with larger kitchen spaces, but period homes and smaller properties in particular tend to have kitchens on the smaller side.

It is sometimes possible to extend and relocate a kitchen but often homeowners have to make the best of what kitchen space they have.

If you are one of these, worry not, we have compiled a list of our top ten tips to help you make your small kitchen look and feel bigger.

#1 Declutter

Might sound obvious but streamline your busy or messy worktops and the sleeker lines will add space. Kitchens are often dumping grounds for all kinds of clutter that doesn’t often belong there so make sure everything is stored in its proper place and keep kitchen appliances tucked out of sight.

#2 Colour check

Smaller kitchens will be swamped by dark colours, but light and bright walls will help to bounce back both artificial and natural light. Keep colours consistent and try to use the same or similar colour on cupboards and walls to keep the bright effect.

#3 Mirrors and glass

We use mirrors in other rooms to reflect light back in, so why not the kitchen too? How about a mirrored splashback? Glass-fronted cabinets will help with the feel of space but will mean you can’t cram all your junk into any glass-fronted units!

#4 Open shelving

Shelves can maximise wall space and are an alternative to cabinets, adding a feeling of space to a small kitchen. Tidiness is paramount but shelves also offer an attractive display option for pretty accessories or appliances.

#5 Slimline appliances

A big American-style fridge may hold a lot of appeal, but it will also take up a lot of space. And could make a small kitchen feel overcrowded. Consider a slimline dishwasher and more compact fridge and freezer. Integrated appliances will also help maintain a smooth flow.

#6 Sleek lines

Cupboard and drawer handles can stick out quite far and apart from spoiling clean lines, act as a magnet for catching clothes and banging into, particularly in galley kitchens. Consider push close doors and drawers.

#7 Lighting

Small kitchens tend to have dark spots and corners but with some well-chosen lighting, these can disappear. Natural light is always best but if skylights or windows aren’t an option for you, look at under cupboard lighting and spotlights. Lights at the base of floor units will add a feeling a depth and space too.

#8 Go glossy

Glossy cupboard fronts and splashbacks, gloss work surfaces, glass tiles and stainless steel taps and handles can all add extra light bounce back and brightness.

#9 Flooring

Avoid dark floor coverings light and check which way the flooring is laid. Boards or tiles should run the length of your kitchen to make it feel longer – anything laid across the width will make it feel narrow and more enclosed.

#10 Cabinet design

Your cabinets and cupboards don’t all need to have hard square edges – rounded corners at the front of an open plan kitchen make it feel more open and will help integrate the kitchen into the rest of the open plan space too.

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