Your Kitchen Layout – 5 Top Tips

The kitchen is important. It’s where you have that vital morning coffee, where the family gathers before and after school, the place where we socialise. So, when it comes to design, it matters that you get it right and these kitchen layout top tips will help.

The Kitchen’s Golden Triangle 

The ‘Golden Triangle’ refers to the area of the kitchen that normally sees the most activity, a triangle between your cooker, the fridge and the sink. In design terms, you should be trying to position the 3 key appliances close enough together so they aid your workflow, but not too close to make the work area feel cramped.

A Well-Lit Kitchen 

It’s important to design a kitchen that has great lighting. And this isn’t just for aesthetic reasons (although you are going to want to show off your design). It’s the only place in the house where you are going to be dealing with sharp implements, hot temperatures and boiling water. You need to be able to clearly see what you are doing. Nobody wants to be slicing carrots in twilight!

Keep three varieties of lighting in mind: lighting for overall illumination, lighting that is task specific, such as over a cooker, and accent lighting, the latter to create that all important ‘mood’.

Future Proof Your Design

It’s tempting when you are getting rid of an old, tired kitchen and putting in a shiny new one to embrace the most modern styles out there. Although not necessarily a bad idea, installing a kitchen that boasts trendy cabinets and colours does carry a risk. There is a chance that it might not age well. You’re likely to have whatever you choose for a considerable amount of time, and it’s going to cost quite a bit of money. Keep in mind that what’s in fashion right now might look a little dated just a few years down the line.

Think About Counter Space

A lack of counter space is the number one complaint when it comes to kitchen design. When you think about all the activities in a kitchen that take place on worktops, and the various appliances that are located there, maximising the amount of counter space is therefore essential.

If you have the space, then increasing horizontal surface area can be achieved by adding an island or breakfast bar. But if space is an issue, then think outside the box by, for example, using your windowsill for storage or making the most of the space above your cabinets.

Consider a Professional Designer

You can design a kitchen yourself. But although this might save money, it can be time consuming and the potential for mistakes are real. Professional designers have considerable experience and access to the latest ideas and information. You can talk to them about things like counter space, lighting and the ‘Golden Triangle’ and they can help you find the best fit for your space.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you to find the right kitchen layout for you!

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